WACO has positioned itself as the ‘wholesalers’ wholesaler’, and is both a bulk importer of product as well as key distributor of, amongst others, the Philips, ABB, CCG and Allbro brands in South Africa. The company is viewed as a major supplier of light sources and has products grouped into three main divisions: General Electrical; Industrial Power and Control; and Lighting Fixtures, Lamps and Accessories.

WACO specialises in quality assembly, by bringing in components and assembling products to the South African industry requirements.

WACO branches are conveniently located near major transport routes in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein. WACO head office, situated in Alberton, uses the latest technology in the warehouse which improves time on pulling stock, receiving and dispatch. WACO services the wholesale industry and exports to the wholesale industry across the Sub-Saharan African network.

Distribution/Target Market

Voltex branches are significant stockists of WACO product range. WACO prime customer is the electrical distribution network. Certain specified products are distributed directly to the original equipment manufacturer by agreement.

Product/Service Offering

WACO’s ranges of energy-efficient products are made available through the distribution network.

General Electrical division:

General electrical and hardware products such as tools, cable accessories, fans, extractor fans, air conditioners, plugs, multiplugs, switches, sockets, door entry systems, bells, chimes, batteries, torches and time switches.

Industrial Power and Control division:

Industrial electrical products such as circuit breakers, switches, relays, contactors, isolators, industrial plugs and sockets, enclosures, crane and lift control switches, maintenance chemicals, terminals, alarms and sounders.

Lighting fixtures, Lamps and Accessories:

This division includes both conventional and LED products.

Aviation Warning Beacons:

WACO has their own range of sitelites, which apply to aviation standards and should be used on all buildings and structures in excess of 35m. Solutions are available in conventional or energy- efficient technology.


WACO-R, a division of WACO, is a specialist supplier to the retail market, supplying electrical, commercial and residential pre-packed products to major retail outlets nationwide. WACO-R has several dsiplay stands to incorporate their pre-packed products.