TL-300 Test Lead Set with Crocodile Clips (Red, Black, Yellow), Case, and Temperature Probe – O0018016

R412.00 (incl. VAT)



Model: TL-300
Current-carrying capacity: 10 A
Probes CAT IV/1000 V (with cover)
CAT II/1000 V (without cover)
Crocodile clips: CAT IV/600 V, CAT III/1000V
Accuracy -20…0 °C: ±2.5 °C or ±1.5% rdg.
0…250 °C: ±1.1 °C or ±0.4% rdg.
Pollution degree: 2
Safety certificate DIN VDE 0411/
EN 61010/IEC 61010
Temperature probes K-type Fexible wire probe 4 mm
plug (distance 19 mm)
Probe length: Approx. 0.9m
Temperature range: -20 °C…+250 °C