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Heat Pumps

heat pump

Hot Facts

  • Our Heat Pump technology combines energy from the surrounding air with electric energy - without requiring the sun to shine.
  • Fast hot water production at temperatures up to 60C
  • Uses up to 70% less energy to heat water than the standard electrical geyser.
  • Quiet operation, with no unsightly solar collectors on the roof.
  • Retro-fitted to your existing or new geyser
  • Fully automatic control with adjustable water temperature setting
  • Low maintenance, with extra long-lasting stainless steel casing
  • A nationwide network of over 50 accredited installation teams are on call to install our systems. All installation teams are members of I.O.P.S.A (Institute of Plumbing South Africa) and are P.I.R.B registered in order to provide you with a quality, hassle free installation in accordance with SABS & Municipal standards

Automatic Hot Water Control

Your existing geyser is switched OFF and your new Heat Pump takes over. Set the indoor mounted controller at 60°C and your water will be automatically controlled all year round. No need to set the timer, but if required first consult your installer to ensure optimum efficiency.
automatic hot water control

Heat Pump Saving

Heat Pumps save up to 70% of you annual water heating bill. The table below shows an average family of 4 savings over 5 years.
  • Above calculated at municipal electricity tariff of R1.00/kwh
  • Electricity tariff increased at 25% p.a
  • Payback in under 2 years for cash purchase


We have qualified installation teams accross South Africa who can have the installation of your Heat Pump completed within 4 hours whilst leaving your home neat and tidy. All installations are done to SABS standards and municipal regulations with a 1 year labour and 5 year heat pump compressor warranty on your domestic Heat Pump.
heat pump installation

How it Works

A heat pump extracts heat from the surrounding air and transfers it efficiently to the water in your geysers to a temperature of 60°C. On an average South African day the heat pump will use 1kW of electricity energy to produce up to 4kW of heating energy. Compare this to your electrical geyser that consumes 4kW of electrical energy to produce 4kW of heating energy. Your heat pump runs effectively between -10°C and 43°C ambient temperature. But during severe winter conditions a Heat Pump will take longer to reach 60°C.

heat pump - how it works

Technical Specifications

technical specifications heat pump
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