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About us

Welcome to a quick overview of your current or potential partner in the electrical industry, Waco Industries.

Waco is one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of industrial electrical products in Southern Africa. We distribute primarily to the electrical wholesale trade and also to original equipment manufacturers.

Where did it all start?

Waco Industries was established in 1949 importing mainly industrial plugs and sockets. Later on, we started manufacturing at our own premises.
Waco Cape Town and Waco Durban branches were opened.
Waco became part of the Voltex group of companies operating as main importer of products in the group, as we distribute to the 76 Voltex branches which are strategically situated throughout Southern Africa, as well as to more than 500 independent wholesalers.
Waco invented the Aviation Warning Beacons used by all the large telecommunication companies and airports.
Waco moved to its current premises in Cleveland, South of Johannesburg
Port Elizabeth Branch opened
Bloemfontein Branch opened
Voltex became part of Bidvest's industrial division, BidIndustrial, SA's largest Industrial Company, chaired by Cyril Ramaposa. The group has a high BEE rating. Since then Waco has expanded its product range and has been expanding and improving the current Johannesburg building, which now has a staff of 170. There are over 60 staff members working for Waco throughout the rest of the country.

Waco is currently distributing a comprehensive range of well known local and international brands, such as ABB Enclosures, Phillips Lighting, 3M Products, CCG Glands and CRC Maintenance Chemicals.

Our main divisions are:

1. General Products which exists of products such as lugs and ferules, tools, step ladders, air conditioners and many more electrical, contractor and hardware orientated products;

2. Power Products, that consists of various technical industrial products such as rotary switches, timers, sensors, enclosures and LG switchgear.

3. The Lighting Division consists of 2 parts - light sources/lamps which comprises Phillips at the top end of the market and Waco branded economically priced lamps; and light fittings supplying both locally manufactured products from Prism and a range of imported light fittings mainly for domestic use.

4. Aviation Warning Beacons or Sitelites which serves as warnings on high buildings, masts, towers and cranes and are also used in mining or any structure where the height exceeds 35 meters.

5. Fixings & Fasteners. this is Waco's latest venture creating a new department dedicated to expanding our market on Fixings & Fasteners.

On the manufacturing side we make a wide range of industrial plugs and sockets, aviation warning beacons and small panels, which are all manufactured on site. At Waco's almost 9000mē distribution warehouse we receive and distribute our comprehensive range of over 6000 line items. We also have specialized technical staff to make sure all customer queries are responded to.

Waco has a large delivery fleet to service our customer base right through South Africa.

Waco's export department ensures that we also service our Southern African neighbours in exporting to countries such as Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia.

Waco prides itself in being customer orientated as our objective is not only to be a supplier, but a partner to Southern Africa's electrical needs. At Waco we strive to build relationships with our customers in order to service their electrical requirements.

New business
Another one of Waco's objectives are to keep on expanding our product range in order to keep up with technology and the changing needs of our customers. Waco's innovative approach ensures that our products stay up-to-date with customer needs and has to-date enabled us to develop entire systems for switching and warning of lamp failure on our Aviation Warning products. Our research & development department develops systems from the ground up and refines customers' needs to produce many successful end-products.
If you need it, we will find it!

Waco wants to partner with you!!!

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